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Mobile Casino Games

For SG Gaming, I developed 3 HTML5 browser based casino games:

  • Money Mad Martians Cosmic Cash
  • Thai Flower
  • Crown Gems

I also developed the HTML5 game development framework in which the client can build further games.

These games are carried by Coral Mobile Casino (view on phone or tablet, or you'll be redirected to the 'desktop' version).

Friction Pool

Friction Pool is the world's first HTML5 pool game you can play on your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. Playable as a web app inside a browser or as a native app for multiple mobile devices.

This is an ongoing and partly experimental project, to test various HTML5 features, and help us hone the techniques required to come as close as possible to the 'write once, deploy anywhere' ideal of HTML5. From a single codebase, we can deploy this app as a webpage or a native app.

Coffeemat Challenge

The Coffeemat Challenge is an innovative online competition that appeals to students and encourages them to use Facebook and Twitter to promote entrepreneurship and enterprise.

We built the Android app for Coffeemat Challenge using Phonegap and the Facebook Connect plugin.

Casino Games

For million-2-1 (now part of IGT), I developed mobile versions of casino games which had previously only been available as Flash games on desktop computers.

Working closely with the client's game and graphic designers, I used open web technologies (often collectively referred to as 'HTML5') to deliver the best games in the field. A 'flash-like' experience was achieved for the gameplay and animations, supporting all the major mobile platforms of the time (iOS, Android, Blackberry).

The games became very successful, and are carried by many leading mobile casino operators like Blue Square, Grosvener Casino, Sky Vegas, BetFred, Mecca, Paddy Power etc.

To view the games, you will need to be using a mobile browser - if you aren't you will be redirected away so you won't see them. Use an iphone, android or blackberry to visit these links to the game demos:

My involvement in these games was coding the game clients, and devising and implementing the development framework in which the games could be built. The game front-end communicated with the existing back-end game engines. Games and graphics are IGT's (or licensed to them).