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HTML5 Apps

Web and native apps that work across a range of mobile devices and/or desktop browsers.

iPhone/iPad - Android - Blackberry - Windows - desktop

One Cross-Platform App

Using HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript, we build apps that can be deployed either as a web app, or can be packaged as native apps for multiple platforms.

This removes the need to completely re-build your app for every platform you want to support.

It also greatly reduces the headaches of managing multiple versions of the app code, ensures the app looks and works the same across different devices, and also translates to much lower development costs.

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Example Apps

Money Mad Martians - Cosmic Cash

Thai Flower (web app)

Money Mad Martians - Cosmic Cash

Money Mad Martians (web app)

Friction Pool

Friction Pool (native/web app)

Coffeemat Challenge

Android app

Drum Score App

Drum Score (web/native app)